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17 August 2006

US to check if passengers are on “no-fly” list 17 Aug 2006 Airline passengers soon will have their names checked against the US “no-fly” list before flights take off for the United States, the homeland security chief said. It would make permanent a security measure temporarily put in place for flights from Britain after last week’s [alleged] foiled plot to bomb trans-Atlantic flights.

T.S.A.’s “behavior detection officers” search faces at U.S. airports 17 Aug 2006 …Another airline passenger had just made the acquaintance of the transportation agencyâs “behavior detection officers.” Their assignment is to find anyone with evil intent. After the reported liquid bomb plot in Britain, agency officials say they want to have hundreds of behavior detection officers trained by the end of next year and deployed at most of the nationâs biggest airports.

Fox News Airs Suggestion for ‘Muslim-Only’ Airport Line (News Hounds) 16 Aug 2006 Yesterday on Fox News’ “Dayside,” conservative radio host Mike Gallagher proposed that airports institute a “Muslims only” line for airport travelers during a segment Tuesday (15 August 2006) on racial profiling.

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