I wanted to pass along this explosive report on Republican efforts to disenfranchise voters and suppress Democratic turnout this November.
This is something we have had our eye on for a while, and we’re taking unprecedented steps to combat it.

As part of our 50-state strategy, we’ve organized a nationwide network of trained volunteers and attorneys to assist voters at the polls. We’ve also launched legal challenges against Republican elections officials who have taken steps to stop eligible voters from participating.

This report makes clear that we need to take our voter protection operation to an even higher level. We have plans in place to do that — can you contribute today to help us implement them?

Please take a moment and read this article. It’s incredibly important that we all understand what’s happening and do what we can to stop it.

Thank you,
Governor Howard Dean M.D.
Chairman, Democratic National Committee


“States that are hostile to voting rights have — intentionally or unintentionally — created laws or regulations that prevent people from registering, staying on the rolls, or casting a ballot that counts,” observes Michael Slater, the election administration specialist for Project Vote, a leading voter registration and voting rights group. And with roughly a quarter of the country’s election districts having adopted new voting equipment in the past two years alone, there’s a growing prospect that ill-informed election officials, balky machines and restrictive new voting rules could produce a “perfect storm” of fiascos in states such as Ohio, Florida, Arizona and others that have a legacy of voting rights restrictions or chaotic elections. “People with malicious intent can gum up the works and cause an Election Day meltdown,” Steele says.

There is rarely hard proof of the Republicans’ real agenda. One of the few public declarations of their intent came in 2004, when then state Rep. John Pappageorge of Michigan, who’s now running for a state Senate seat, was quoted by the Detroit Free Press: “If we do not suppress the Detroit [read: black ] vote, we’re going to have a tough time in this election cycle.”

For the 2006 elections, with the control of the House and the Senate in the balance, Salon has selected six states with the most serious potential for vote suppression and the greatest potential for affecting the outcome of key races. In nearly every case, the voter-suppression techniques have been implemented since 2004 by Republican legislators or officials; only one state has a Democratic secretary of state, and only one has a Democratic-controlled legislature.

You can read the full article here.

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