Election reformers! Great visuals from EDA!

From Ginny Ross:

Hi Mark,

Hope you had a good break. I wanted to share with you and your readers a video project we’ve been working on. I’m becoming a video geek of sorts. But the Election Integrity cause demands that we all begin to wear new hats (or pocket protectors, piercings or multi-colored hair as the case may be.)

This video below is the first in a whole series of educational clips we are planning to make available on EDA TV at http://www.electiondefensealliance.org.

The idea is, we have to use every means possible to wake people up to the fact that this effort of restoring elections is 100% up to us. There can be no more waiting and wondering if any party or special interest group is going to lead the way. It must become personal. We, each one of us, absolutely MUST, as citizens, simply stand up and demand our democracy back by intensely monitoring, documenting and verifying elections where we live and then hold officials accountable to prove accurate results in every case.

One way we can all start is by connecting with local election activist groups in our own state. There are hundreds of them — we are not alone! People can also share their resources and energy by connecting nationally through Election Defense Alliance. In this clip, our Election Monitoring group coordinator, Tom Courbat, describes an outstanding monitoring project near San Diego in June.


Tom and his team deserve a lot of credit for setting an example with this great effort (be sure to download and read the Save R Vote report at the link above!) I’d also like to extend major kudos to Ellen Bukstel for her outstanding song “Lost my Vote” featured at the end (please go to www.bukstel.com for many other great works!) This song should be our theme song for 2006 and 2008!

Another very important effort we are sponsoring is the “We Count 2006” conference in Ohio at the end of September (see http://www.WeCount2006.org for all the details and to register). We look forward to your presentation there along with the speeches, workshops and presentations of so many other of our mighty and growing band of election scholars, lawyers, authors, journalists and activists who simply will not let this democracy go without a fight.

Thank you so much for all you are doing and I hope to see you in Cleveland in September!

All the best,

Ginny Ross
Communications, Election Defense Alliance

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