Democracy denied in San Diego

From Ginny Ross of the Election Defense Alliance:
I hope this bald-faced GOP power grab and revocation of Democracy in San Diego is as disgusting and frightening to you as it is to me.

This nullification of a Congressional election by “swearing in” by a ruling party in Congress means our Constitution and State laws now have virtually no power to stop the extremist right wing coup of America. We are moments away from one-party rule. This fall, even without martial law or another false-flag terror attack such as 9/11, the GOP will simply cancel elections and lock in their contrived majority once and for all by “swearing in” illegally elected candidates before their elections have even been certified.

I just wanted to alert you to the magnitude of our election crisis and just how dangerous things have become in the dire hope that you will decide to do something about it and fight back this year. Since there is virtually NO coverage of this appalling violence to democracy in the corporate controlled media, I thought I’d try to get the word out myself. Can you help pass the word around?

We now have “show” elections, counted on trade secret software by companies with partisan connections with announced results rammed into place by staged, pre-certification swearing-in ceremonies, by corrupt election officials who fail to enforce the laws, and by a docile, insipid corporate media. And all this is happening in plain view of the opposition party that is only now starting to wake up to the crisis despite the disastrous majority disenfranchisements of 2000, 2002 and 2004.

Are you going to stand for this in America?
Please learn about this bogus, mock election in San Diego’s CD 50 (Busby/Bilbray: an illegal election under existing state and federal laws with no enforcement of election laws by officials and California’s Governor Bruce McPhearson), send the information along to every media outlet, list and blog you can find, and then prepare yourself for dozens of similar outrages against Democracy of every disgusting variety imaginable on Election Day this November 7, 2006.

The corrupt, criminal regime in Congress will stop at nothing to seal their hold on power, remain free from accountability and prison, and remain free to continue their agenda of global war, domestic plunder, and rape of our precious civil liberties. Please understand:

Cancelling YOUR right to vote is their easiest way to take permanent power.
So, at least you can say you DID hear about this crisis ahead of time, that there is a dire emergency in progress right now, and you were given notice and a way to act ahead of time, because there is something you can do.

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