Connecticut to stay with paper ballots

Although it certainly does not insure that every vote will be appropriately counted, this is a good start.


Quote of the day: “Touch-screen technology, in its current state of development, is simply not ready for ‘prime time’ here in Connecticut,” Secretary of State Bysiewicz said.

Secretary of State’s Decision To Buy Diebold AccuVote Puts Connecticut’s Mandatory Audit Provision In Question

Bysiewicz said her office decided against purchasing touch screen voting machines after hearing concerns from thousands of citizens, academics and advocacy groups about problems with the devices. “Touch-screen technology, in its current state of development, is simply not ready for ‘prime time’ here in Connecticut,” she said.


DNC Announces Expanded National Voter Protection Effort
August 3, 2006

Democratic National Committee Chairman Howard Dean today announced the DNC’s expanded national voter protection efforts. In addition to the establishment of a national voter protection hotline and the placement of election protection staff in 15 key states, the DNC is implementing a comprehensive series of efforts aimed at helping Americans register to vote, learn how and where to cast their ballot, and provide assistance in overcoming Republican-led efforts to suppress voter turnout for the November elections.

These voter protection initiatives are part of Governor Dean’s unprecedented investment in Democratic get-out-the-vote efforts for the 2006 elections. Under his leadership, the DNC has committed $12 million to help elect Democrats at every level in 38 states across America–roughly 10 times the hard money the DNC spent four years ago for coordinated campaigns.

The DNC’s new national hotline, 1-888-DEM-VOTE, builds on the tremendous success of the toll-free number established in March 2006 by the DNC Voting Rights Institute to provide information about how and where displaced New Orleans residents could vote and to help Indiana voters disenfranchised by the Republican voter ID law passed by Indiana Republicans. It will provide critical assistance to voters all across the country, including in key electoral targets and in states facing Republican challenges to the right to vote by providing poll location information, assistance in applying for absentee ballots, and help reporting voting problems before, during, and after Election Day.

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