Calderón's brother-in-law helped write the software that elected Calderón

But that is, of course, conspiracy theory.


‘Ultimately, the establishment cannot allow or cannot admit that election fraud is a serious problem in American. This is, after all, the vanguard of democracy, or at least, that is what we like to tell ourselves, despite the fact that half or more of the population rarely bothers to vote.

Elections in America are mythical and pure, never mind what actually happens. In reality, clean elections in the United States are purely mythical. The media, either consciously or not, sees to it that this myth must endure.’

‘Fortunately, Mexicans appear to be far more invested in their own democracy than Americans in theirs. They also appear to be far better informed about their own elections, too.’

‘…Calderón’s brother-in-law and that his company, Hildebrando, was a partner in the “design” of the election tabulation software. Vote shaving? nada. Statistical improbabilities? nope.’

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