Bush/Lieberman in 2006!

Having been screwed out of the vice presidency of the United States, this “Democrat” protested not at all. (He had, of course, been careful not to leave his Senate seat, so he had all his bases covered.) And now, having quite legitimately lost the Democratic primary in his state, he’s all on fire with righteous indignation, keen to see his fellow Democrats eat dirt.

He seems to think he’s royalty, entitled to hold office–just like Bush (Sr. and Jr.). What he is, in fact, is an unconscionable putz. (And I say that with all due respect.)


New Lieberman Retooling Race as Independent
Published: August 16, 2006
Just one week ago, national Democrats united to try to nudge Senator Joseph I. Lieberman out of his race for re-election after his defeat at the hands of his antiwar rival, Ned Lamont, in the Connecticut Democratic primary.

But today Mr. Lieberman appears to be in the race to stay, running as a retooled independent candidate who is taking on both political parties, and Connecticut is already seeing a full-throated re-enactment of the men’s blistering primary battle.
Far from sulking in defeat, Senator Lieberman has fired most of his senior aides, energized his broad base of donors from his campaigns for president and vice president, produced a new television advertisement explaining his political intentions, and attacked Mr. Lamont over the London terror plot.

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  1. No, he is not a putz. He is a senator who believes he can represent the people of Connecticut better than Ned Lamont and who believes he can win re-election by running independently. And if the people in his state decide to vote him back in under such circumstances, that will be their choice – not yours.

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