Brownshirt tactics in Maryland

From: Don Hazen
Sent: Sunday, August 27, 2006 10:40 AM
Subject: Donna Edwards’ Campaign Worker Attacked
Yes, shocking as it sounds, campaigning for a grass roots progressive candidate
for Congress can get you beat up. In case you haven’t heard, recently one of Donna’s campaign volunteers was knocked down and stomped on by campaign workers for her opponent Al Wynn.
Edwards, who clearly has Wynn on the defensive, has effectively labeled him the Joe Lieberman
of Maryland for his support of Bush on the War, and many other issues .
Here is Matt Stoller from his blog on My DD on the attack:
“Prior to the debate, Edwards supporters arrived early to put signs out. The Al Wynn people started knocking over the Edwards signs, ripping them up, and putting their signs in front of the Edwards signs………. Anyway, a 57 year old volunteer with the Edwards campaign asked the guy ripping up the signs to stop, and there were some heated words. The volunteer and two Wynn supporters got into a scuffle, and a Wynn supporter punched the volunteer, who then fell to the ground. At this point, the two Wynn supporters started stomping on him, and the Edwards volunteer had his head split open. The police came, and the two of the Wynn staffers were taken away. ( full post
And here is the video of the victim and the Wynn people being arrested.
The incident happened just prior to a debate sponsored by the NAACP and the great news is
that Donna clobbered Wynn in the debate, and the violent incident creatred more local
press about her powerful debate performance. Here is Stoller again:
“During the debate, Edwards just crushed Wynn on his votes for the war, the energy bill, the bankruptcy bill, etc. Wynn is clearly a terrible Congressman, one of the biggest villains on net neutrality. What the debate proved is that he’s also a terrible politician who has maintained his seat in Congress through a mixture of fear, machine politics, and voter apathy. “

“Donna prepared for the debate, both personally and campaign-wise. She brought a caravan of supporters, and had people putting out signs with her name on it to raise her name ID. At the debate itself, she drew cheers and ovations, and not just from her own supporters, since Wynn just wasn’t prepared to defend his record.”
Hey, Donna can win this race.. but it is going to get brutal down the home stretch.
Please, forward this e mail on to anyone who knows Donna or who would be supportive. She needs money to get her on TV for the home stretch — $20,000 will do it. .Wynn is getting a big chunk of corporate PAC money .

Contact friends in the district ( 4th in Maryland which includes Takoma Park, Silver Springs — see list below). Blog about this race. It is crucial. Volunteers are needed, especially on the weekend before and election day September 12th. I’ll be in Maryland for the election..Come on down and join me;-)
We can help Donna win !!!
(key towns and cities in the 4th District
Silver Spring, Germantown , Fort Washington, Takoma Park Oxon Hill, Landover Hills, Hyattsville, Olney, Gaithersburg.)

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  1. It seems that this is the typical tactic of all Repuglikans. Before the primary, Lieberman was reported to have bussed in 2000 college repugs for “canvassing.” HoJo supporters started showing up at Ned events, heckling and surrounding Ned. The Lamont campaign had to call in extra volunteers to surround Ned and protect him from molestation. One of HoJo’s “supporters” was identified as a lobbyist. Besides that they stole signs, bumped in to Lamont volunteers, etc. etc. Although not as extreme as what happened to the poor Edwards volunteer, it demonstrates the general sickness of Repuglikan campaign tactics and why every good progressive should volunteer for a campaign this season.

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