Brennan calls for paper ballots

From Bo Lipari:

The New York Times reports today on the new study from the Brennan Center which concludes that full face ballot DREs cause more invalid votes than paper ballots and precinct ballot scanner systems. The study shows that full face ballot DREs cause more votes to be lost, particularly among minority and low income voters. According to Larry Norden, one of the authors, adopting full face DREs “virtually guarantees that thousands of votes are going to be lost at every election.”
This results of this study validate what New York voting integrity advocates have been saying for years – The best option available to New York State voters is the most usable, cost effective, auditable system – paper ballots and precinct ballot scanners.
Make sure your commissioners read and understand the Brennan Center report on Voting System Usability.

The New York Times

August 28, 2006
Voters Find Some Machines Harder to Use
With New York State facing a looming deadline to modernize its election technology, a new report offers evidence that one of the two major types of voting machines being considered has a higher rate of unrecorded votes, suggesting that it is too confusing for many people.

The report, which the Brennan Center for Justice at New York University School of Law intends to release today, examined election records from thousands of counties across the nation since 2000. It is likely to animate long-simmering debates in across the state’s 62 counties, which face a December deadline for deciding how to replace antiquated voting equipment.

For the overwhelming majority of the state’s 11.6 million registered voters, the changes will mean the end of the creaky lever machines that have been used for decades.

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