Bob Barr against the DRE machines

and agreeing with Cynthia McKinney!
No-confidence vote earned by machines


Published on: 08/30/06
I hate to admit it, but Cynthia McKinney may be on to something.

McKinney’s post-election diatribe against her usual litany of enemies aside, her broadside against electronic voting machines may have some merit. Not in terms of her election loss, I hasten to add.

There has been not a shred of evidence that her 17-point loss to Hank Johnson was the result of anything other than weariness of her antics by voters. But questions raised about electronic voting machines have become sufficiently widespread and credible as to warrant serious study and action by Georgia and other states.

The pell-mell rush to electronic voting machines was launched after the 2000 presidential election debacle in Florida. It was fueled by Congress’ knee-jerk reaction to that fiasco in passing the “Help America Vote Act” in 2002, along with a boatload of taxpayer dollars ÷ nearly $4 billion.

Unfortunately, this well-funded fascination with electronic voting machines has proceeded with virtually no comprehensive study or development of national standards to ensure the integrity of the machines and how they are utilized. Each state sets its own standards ÷ or doesn’t ÷ and follows its own rules in letting contracts for the machines.

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  1. Bob, this is a well written article. However, I still have to go with my old credo: “If Cynthia McKinney is against it, I’m for it”!

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