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21 August 2006

“Behaviour detection squads” to spy on passengers 20 Aug 2006 Elite teams of security officers are to be trained to monitor passenger behaviour at airports in a new attempt to combat terrorism. The “behaviour detection squads” will patrol terminals to monitor the gestures, conversations and facial expressions of passengers. People deemed to be acting suspiciously [?!?] will be taken for questioning and prevented from flying if they fail to explain their actions. In America behaviour detection officers are working at a dozen airports, including Washington Dulles and Boston Logan.

The fight against terror: Surveillance UK –On the streets of Britain, scores of top suspects are being followed as MI5 desperately seeks to head off ‘dozens’ of plots 20 Aug 2006 The biggest surveillance operation in British history is under way this week as the authorities seek to track what the Home Secretary, John Reid, has called “dozens” of terror plots.

Thousands to be deployed for airport security 19 Aug 2006 While passenger checks continue at British airports, thousands of extra police – officers from 43 forces in England, Wales, Scotland and the North – are to be deployed in one of the largest security operations of modern times.

New airport security ‘to remain’ 19 Aug 2006 The government has insisted that tough new security measures will remain at UK airports for now, despite the growing anger of airlines and legal threats.

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