APA hails its members in the US torture business

The American Psychological Association Council assembled the morning of August 13 for final business at their national convention.

Usually a business item is introduced as a new business item and assigned to a particular committee review. Most items are reviewed by multiple committees before coming to the Board of Directors and ultimately to Council, taking a year or more.

On the morning of August 13, all rules were suspended and a motion was introduced which directed President Koocher to send a letter to psychologists serving in the military or the Veteran’s Administration expressing APA’s gratitude for the extraordinary sacrifices these psychologists have made to take care of the men and woman in the military and their families. The motion was passed unanimously by the psychologists on Council.

No mention was made of the fact that some of these psychologists also use their expertise and training to devise rigorous and tormenting forms of torture, bringing pain, anguish and sometimes death to men, women and their families. This from a profession whose primary ethic is “to do no harm.”

Dr. Trudy Bond

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