A reader responds to Iowa's GOP platform

Dear Mark,

The interesting part of this platform is that it is actually a solid platform. Hey, when you get right down to it, it could be negotiated. I have yet to see anything come out of the Democrat[ic] party leadership. Same old, same old. At some point the Dems have to realize this is a different ballgame and come up with some innovative solutions. For instance the tax code is far too complicated for the vast majority to take full advantage. It is insane, and is national health care really the answer. How many years would that take to get up and running? I thought healthcare should have been one of the main Dem issues last election but the Dems dropped the ball. And personally with two major illnesses in our family, being self employed and paying over one third of our AGI on healthcare costs, I’m sick of people whining.

It’s a different ballgame Mark, it really is and there’s no going back or it’ll be hard going back from here. We would have had a chance to salvage something had we won in 04 but it’s a long road from here and we need a new path.

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