You can't make this stuff up!

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  Rollin Riggs for The New York Times
At a megachurch in Memphis, the Statue of Liberation Through Christ was consecrated Tuesday. The statue, says the church’s pastor, is a way of "letting people know that God is the foundation of our nation."

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Looks to me like the world’s fanciest lightning rod….

Does bear a rather striking resemblance to the “Patriot Act” artwork, though, doesn’t it?

They should have flames coming off of the cross to signify their hypocrisy and hatred towards their fellow man.

Better yet, burn the whole damn thing at the “Burning Man” latter this summer!

Kevin Schmidt, Sterling VA

Finally, they found a sturdy target for our 50 caliber rifles!

Dead-Eye, proud card carrying member of the NRA

Does anyone really think that ol peacenik Jesus actually wants to be constantly reminded of that whole ugly crucifixion debacle?

I think the late Sam Kenison nailed it best when impersonating a Jesus contemplating his big return, musing, “yeah, sure, I’ll be back just as soon as I can play the fuckin’ piano again!” LOL

I started worrying about churches a few years ago when some here in south Ga started flying flags and putting god bless our troops/amerika/the presidunce on their meesage boards. This WILL be imitated!

Just blow the fuckin thing up. It is an abomination and a blatant example of idol worshipping. It is an affront to Americans and Christians alike.

If God is supposed to be the “foundation of our nation”, then I think our foundation is pretty shaky.

“Mary! …Does this belong to your son? … I’ve got to
get back to those HUDDLED MASSES with
the new oxygen tanks, so I’ll leave
this for you at the lost and found…
now Mary, don’t you weep! It’ll be
safe… … What?… Why of course
they’re still yearning to breathe free! … Yes, I got the plane ticket
to Paris you sent, and thank you. But
just as I really began to believe I was finally going home, I found out
that I was put on some motherf—–
NO-FLY LIST! — forgive my French.
Gotta go, Mare! Say hi to Joe!”

Without wading too deeply into a broad topic, I’d like to add that although I have zero faith in organized religion of any stripe, I do believe in “god,” however one cares to interpret it ..I don’t know how to conceptualize it beyond the idea that we are all connected to something beyond the limitations of our daily perceptions.

My point is [please bear with me] even though I don’t adhere to or necessarily claim every belief and dogmatic practice of “Christianity” [however one cares to define that] for myself, I still find it appalling that a belief largely centered around tolerance, understanding and peace can be so completely usurped and subverted by ding-a-lings and sociopaths …at least in conveying that belief’s mainline perception, how it resonantes within the public mind, et al.

Don’t allow such types – and their messianic “Decider” – to frame something as unique and varied as individual faith with the mad dash lunatic pursuit of a theocratic republic while apparently failing to understand that a state church eventually persecutes nearly everyone. If you want freedom of faith/religion, than you should back our constitution’s separation of church/state.

Every single foreigner looking at this right now should be offended and alarmed. I certainly know I am, for if these people believe that America is founded by “god” then they must believe that the rest of the world is NOT founded by god, and therefore evil.

It’s appropriate to replace the symbol of liberty and of enlightenment with a cross symbolizing the perpetuation of exclusionary and oppressive mythology.

First let me state that I am NOT a christian the christian right has made thruoughly disgusted with christanity so now for the facts
the statute of liberity was a copy of Isis the ancient God given to us by France Revelations says the ancient pagan god with the light in her hand will melt from gods fury atomic bomb maybe
which side are the christians on

Now she looks threatening, rather than welcoming. Like she’s about to bust somebody’s skull with that cross. I don’t imagine they also appropriated the message, “give us your tired, your poor . . . etc.”

The new message: Fall on your knees or else.

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