I didn’t even know that I’m a candidate!

But I love Kurt’s sense of humor!

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I really like your work, Mark. It’s nice to see a loser so prepared to explain not only his last defeat but his NEXT one as well.

Congratulations and be sure to have the legal team ready for the Fall!

Kurt N.

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Dear Kurt N.,

I really enjoyed your comment. It amused me greatly to discover that there are people in the world who don’t know the difference between ‘defeat’ and ‘fraud.’

Given your inability to distinguish between these two different things, I wonder how you would cope with the problem if your next bank statement suggested that someone had been pulling money out of your account. I guess you’d just decide that you’d been ‘defeated.’

Kurt shows the intellectual abilities of the right wing foot soldiers marching in step to their doom because they keep voting against their own interests. If it wasn’t so sick and sad it would be funny.

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