What price democracy? Pretty high in San Diego…

EXCLUSIVE: Manual Hand Count Requested in Busby/Bilbray Race!

Registrar Quotes Fees to be Charged as High as $130,000!
A ‘Buck a Vote’ for Hand Count of Paper Ballots, Trails in U.S. House Election Which
Used Uncertified Voting MachinesÅ 
Fees Far Exceed That Charged by Other Counties, Request Filed by Election Integrity Advocate ‘on Behalf of Candidate Brian Bilbray’
Late Wednesday afternoon, a “Manual Hand Count Request under the Election Recount Provision” was filed at the San Diego County Registrar of Voters office by by CA-50 voter Barbara Gail Jacobson. The request is for a full manual hand count of all paper ballots and paper trails in the recent June 6th Busby/Bilbray special U.S. House election in which programmed, election-ready Diebold voting machines were sent home with poll workers for days prior to the election in apparent violation of new laws and provision by both state and federal authorities.
Jacobson’s manual hand count request, as filed, is posted in full with the article linked below.
As California state election code requires that a candidate be named on whose behalf such requests are filed, Jacobson named Republican Brian Bilbray in her request…

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