Wake up, Al!


Live Air America Broadcast from Heart of U.S. House Special Election Controversy Interrupted by Shouts, Jeers,
Cheers from Audience of Activists in Attendance!

Filed by Brad Friedman in San Diego

As I standby in a hotel room in San Diego, near the DemcoracyFest! venue, to hopefully post some big breaking news momentarily, Al Franken is broadcasting his show from the site.

In a discussion moments ago with a representative of Common Cause from New Mexico, the previously quiet crowd gathered at the live broadcast broke into boos and disapproving shouts when the interview led by Franken implied that “Busby had lost” due to a “gaffe” made prior to the election.

Audience members have erupted in applause when it was mentioned that “some believe the election was not run cleanly.” Franken, and his guest regarded the election as legitimate which led to boos and protests from the crowd which became unruly during the discussion, rejecting the announced results that “Bilbray won the election.”

The guest from Common Cause (whose name we didn’t catch) also was booed when he implied that George W. Bush “beat” Al Gore in 2000. Event organizers had encouraged Franken to have me on during today’s live broadcast, taking place smack dab in the middle of the country’s largest election controversy prior to the November general election right here in San Diego. Franken, instead chose to have the Common Cause rep from New Mexico to discussion issues of Election Integrity in Mexico and elsewhere.

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You got the story wrong, Brad. You mixed up the guests. The guy who got the boos was a seemingly conservative local newspaper editor who was intentionally bating the liberal crowd. They were booing neither Al nor the very good guest from Common Cause. Personally, I think the Al is soft on the whole voting issue, but let’s be fair, and more importantly accurate. Jumping to conclusions like this only hurts your credibility.

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