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Dear Friends and fellow Activists,

I’ve been wondering for many months how the open secret of election theft has been kept from the public, and why the Dems, who have been demolished by vote fraud, remain shy about speaking its name. Last week, a friend gave me an old book, and some of the answers began to come into focus. There’s a Pandora’s box full of vote theft stories going back many decades, with many politicians eager to keep the lid closed.

James and Kenneth Collier (brothers) discovered evidence of massive vote theft in Florida in the 1970s and 80s. They tried to get word out through existing newspapers and through network TV. They tried publishing their own newspaper. In the book Votescam, they recount personal experiences with censorship, blackmail, and death threats.

The book is not a scholarly, documented summary, but a firsthand account of personal experiences. It is (surprise!) not being distributed by mainstream outlets, but second-hand copies are available from Amazon, and there’s a website where you can buy the book direct from the publisher, or download most of the book’s contents. James’s daughter Victoria Collier continues the struggle to publicize accounts of vote theft.


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Well I think the horrible secret that dares not speak its name is that there are a lot of dems who
don’t mind a republican majority.

There are two groups:

1) DLC Types who have no problem with big rich corporations controlling everything. That’s the
functional definition of fascism but there you go. And then there’s the military industrial
complex at which they kneel…of course maybe their worried about sniffing too much weapons grade
anthrax. You never know. Exhibit A is Joe Leiberman.

2) The Jewish Delegation supports the war. You can’t really talk about this, except online, but
here goes: if the Jewish delegation thinks that protection of Israel and fellow jews is more
important than the Democratic Party base then don’t hold your breath waiting for Democrats to
retake power. And the Jewish delegation isn’t insignificant. Its not as powerless as, say, the
black delegation. They have 10 to 11 senators (or up to 12 depending on what you think of Kerry’s
lineage)and I think–just a gut thing, such as is the Bush administration capable of unethical
conduct like stealing an election– that’s one reason why you haven’t seen a single
fillibuster. If the situations were reversed, then the GOP would still run congress because the
fillibuster would be a valid and legal tool.

In fact, if as Leiberman says he has other loyalties (say the protection of Israel first and
foremost) then they don’t want the Dems to win. Or, if they do win they only want people who
aren’t really much different than the republicans they’re replacing. See Bob Casey for Exhibit B.

So, if you combine the DLC and the Jewish delegation–Schumer, Emmanuel and Leiberman all love the
proxy war for Israel surprise surprise–then not only do you not have a real opposition party,
then you have a party that roots for the Bush Republicans. God help us all. And I say that as a
practicing atheist…

Philip Shropshire

I have read VoteScam that I picked up a copy at a election reform teach-in last year. Otherwise this book was never distributed properly. This book documents the beginning of election theft in florida in which the League of Women Voters are used to “punch” out the ballots needed. Also documents the many lawsuits that the brave authors, the Collier brothers, filed alleging election fraud. At every turn, their lawsuits were thrown out. After Judge Scalia who was serving on a Circuit Court (I forget which one) threw out a lawsuit that made it all the way to the federal level, Scalia got nominated to the Supreme court by Bush Sr.

Also, I have no proof but my gut is that the Collier brothers lives were cut short: one of them suffered from a fast growing cancer that was diagnosed in the late advance stage and within a few years after james succumbed to cancer, his brother ken died of a heart attack if I remember correctly. Our massive military industrial complex secret labs developed back in the sixties a way to induce fast growing growing cancer as evidenced by the deaths of John Gotti, Jack Ruby and others who died of cancer within just a few years of serving prison terms. So wouldn’t be surprised if the heart attack was also induced, EMF pulse handheld devices are readily being used to cause strokes and heart attacks.

so honor the work of the unsung champions of fighting to keep our right to vote by reading VoteScam.

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