"The threat to democracy is very real"

Sacramento Bee on Busby/Bilbray Mess: ‘The Threat to Democracy is Very Real’
Brad Quoted Almost Accurately in Decent Coverage of Woeful TaleÅ 
Sacramento Bee columnist Peter Schrag runs a decent article on the Busby/Bilbray election mess in today’s paper.

I recommend you read it in full, as it’s mostly balanced (in the honest way, not the Fox “News” way) and gets most of the elements of the story close enough for government work. In other words, it’s a legitimate article, even with a few quibbles I have. But the legit effort is certainly appreciated in contrast with the lazy piece of disinformation disguised as a news article which ran last week in San Diego Union-Tribune on this matter.
Schrag’s focus throughout is largely on the uber-matter in question; The looming threat we face to the legitimacy of American elections across the board…


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