"The Leak None Dared Call Treason"

The Leak None Dared Call Treason
by jpol
Sun Jul 16th, 2006 at 04:22:26 PM EST

Also front-paged at Op-Ed News

In the heat of silly season attacks from the right against The New York Times for its “exposure” of Bush administration surveillance of international banking transactions, the public and mainstream media have forgotten about another highly publicized leak just two years ago. That story, which also ran in the Times, dealt a serious blow to the fight against terror. It exposed a mole that had penetrated Al Qaeda, and it crippled a sting operation, allowing numerous subjects of investigation to escape. Some of those subjects may have participated in a major terrorist attack a year later. Unlike the bank records “revelations” of 2006, which were not really secret at all, the leak of 2004 jeopardized national security, and almost certainly cost lives. Yet the right wing Republican spin machine — now calling for prosecutions under the Espionage Act, death in the gas chamber for Times’ Managing Editor Bill Keller, and investigations of the media and of leakers in the name of “national security” — were strangely silent in 2004. That leak, which occurred in the middle of a Presidential campaign, was clearly designed to advance a purely political agenda, and the leakers were unidentified sources within the George W. Bush administration.

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