The Big Casino

Paul Lehto makes an excellent point, re: how the GOP will do this fall.

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From: Paul Lehto

In a fully rigged system, like a casino, the people gotta win SOMETIMES or they lose all faith in the system and stop playing. Therefore in a rigged system it appears the Dems would pick up a few seats in Congress when they should get 15-20, and the Dems would win control of the House only when they should have gotten both houses back….

We need to be very careful about what the proper expectations are set at because we will likely lose a lot of people after November if we make minor gains, and those people conclude that this is “evidence” that the machines ‘aren’t rigged.” I wrote something very short on this called the “parable of the casino” to explain that, so everyone knows what a rigged system looks like, and it does NOT mean that democrats lose 100% of the time!

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