She must have talked to Bill

What this demonstrates–or rather, reconfirms–is that the “theory” (or rather, crisis) of election fraud is Issue Number One with the American electorate. Count on Clinton (Bill) to understand this all-important fact.
And having started, at long last, to talk the talk, when and how will Hillary walk the walk? If her party doesn’t start confronting this catastrophe right now, all the kick-ass speeches in the world won’t make a nickel’s worth of difference on Election Day. The Dems will lose as usual, and then the press will say, “That issue turned the voters off!”

Clinton feeds theory of Ohio vote tampering
Refers to Blackwell in telling crowd he shouldn’t run election
COLUMBUS – U.S. Sen. Hillary Clinton took a shot at Secretary of State Ken Blackwell of Cincinnati, the Republican candidate for governor, Monday during her third visit to Ohio this year.
Speaking to more than 3,000 people at a national conference of ACORN – the Association of Community Organizations for Reform Now – Clinton prompted whoops and hollers by saying, “Let’s make sure that we count every vote in our elections.”
Clinton also called for an increase in the minimum wage. If it makes the Ohio ballot Nov. 7, voters will be asked to approve raising it from $5.15 an hour to $6.85.
Referring to presidential races, Clinton said, “This country deserves to have an electoral system that has integrity. I know there’s been a problem here in Ohio, and I hope everybody from Ohio is watching this election like a hawk. Don’t let them pull anything over your eyes again.
Without naming Blackwell, Clinton said, “One of the people running for high office is actually running the election. That should not be permitted. It’s a conflict of interest. … We’ve got to take back our democracy.”

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I was quite shocked to read Bill Clinton had only finally realized the 2004 Ohio race had been hijacked and stolen by the GOP upon his reading the RFK-Rolling Stone article. I am glad to see Him and Her are now cognizant fair US elections is a contradiction in terms. Well, welcome aboard the bandwagon, Bill and Hill, what took so long and may I suggest you two get out more often?

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