San Diego hand count blocked by Registrar


Registrar Mikel Haas Refuses to Supply Chain of Custody Docs as Requested by Voter, Fails to Explain $150,000 Cost Estimate, $6000 Deposit Demand, Disparity in Quotes; Runs out ClockÅ 
Hand Count Filer: ‘It seems nobody is accountable here, and the voters are just left out to dry.’

“It seems the Registrar is the judge and juror, the decider and the arbiter and is accountable to no one. Clearly, we’ve been stonewalled by the Registrar,” opined Barbara Gail Jacobson in regard to having little or no legal recourse to challenge the seemingly arbitrarily rules set by San Diego County Registrar Mikel Haas concerning her requested hand count of ballots in the special U.S. House election held in California’s 50th district on June 6th.

Jacobson’s request to hand count paper ballots and “paper trails” in the disputed CA-50 Busby/Bilbray election to replace the jailed Republican Rep. Randy “Duke” Cunningham looks to have hit a brick wall. The SD Country Registrar of Voters office has refused to provide chain of custody documents sought by Jacobson in relation to her request as filed after the revelation that the election employed Diebold optical-scan and touch-screen voting machines in apparent violation of both state and federal law.

In a letter sent Tuesday by Jacobson to Registrar Haas’ office in reply to an email the office had sent late in the day, the San Diego resident requested a written commitment that the requested documents would be provided before a hand count would begin and prior to the payment of the $6000 as demanded by Haas – by 3pm Tuesday – to cover the costs of the first day’s counting on Wednesday.

As well, her letter sought explanation and accounting for the three disparate cost estimates for the count as supplied by Haas’ office. Two different sets of varying numbers were supplied by officials to voters, while another number, nearly half the amount of the other two quotes, was supplied to a reporter at the North County Times.
The “official” estimate for the cost of the count, as given to Jacobson finally in a FedExed letter from Haas last Saturday, set the price at an estimated $120,000 to $150,000 for the entire count.

Haas’ estimate equates to just under $1 per vote, as opposed to the .14 per vote as charged in neighboring Orange County for a similar hand count request, as reported yesterday by the North County Times.

The email sent late Tuesday from the Registrar’s office, and Jacobson letter in reply — along with much more on this story — are both posted in full at the following URL…


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