Palast on the Mexican election

Florida Con Salsa: Investigative Reporter Greg Palast Reports on Voter Fraud in Mexico’s Presidential Election
Wednesday, July 12th, 2006

In Mexico, populist candidate Andres Manuel López Obrador released a preliminary video yesterday of what he says proves he was cheated out of last week’s presidential election. In a video shot in the central state of Guanajuato, the footage shows an apparent supporter of Calderon’s National Action Party stuffing a ballot box on the day of the elections. Investigative reporter Greg Palast travels to Mexico City to report on the disputed election. [includes rush transcript]

We turn now to the Mexican presidential elections. Last week, election authorities announced that conservative candidate Felipe Calderón, a former energy minister, had defeated Andres Manuel López Obrador by a razor slim margin. This was after electoral officials recounted ballot tallies from the initial vote. The recount showed that Calderon won the presidency by the closest margin in Mexico’s history – around two-hundred-twenty-thousand votes of forty-one million cast – or just over half a percentage point.

But Lopez Obrador has refused to concede citing electoral fraud. On Sunday, Lopez Obrador and his supporters filed a request for a full vote-by-vote recount of the election. They have also called for supporters to begin marching on the capital today and to join up for a huge march in Mexico City on Sunday.

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