Not one cent to the Democrats, until….

Via Liz Rich:


MCM had a recent message with a link to Brad Blog and the interview with Ring of Fire about the recent San Diego special election. In the interview, the question is asked: Why did Francine Busby concede so quickly when the vote had not been certified? Answer: Because she, like all Democratic candidates, had been told by the DCCC not to touch the voting integrity issue.

( Scroll down to: Brad on Ring of Fire 7/8/06 and click to hear the 15 min. audio)

This, of course, made me furious. Exactly what stimulus would be required for the official arms of the Democratic Party to find the COURAGE to stand up, speak out, and confront the organized effort to suppress the Democratic vote? We learned after the
2004 election that the largest RNC expenditure was to Sproul and Associates, which is alleged to specialize in vote suppression tactics. We are about to go into
our FOURTH national election in which Democrats have no announced strategy to protect the votes of their constituents.

I went immediately to to tell them again that I will contribute no money until such time as Democrats have a strategy to address the organized effort to suppress our votes.

Thanks for letting me get this off my chest, Liz.


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