Not just the polar bears

From Joe Vecchio:

This story ran on Reuters in April….but is no longer on their site. Why would it be removed?

It was found on this site.

Global warming threatens extinctions: report

April 10, 2006

OSLO (Reuters) – Global warming will become a top cause of extinction from the tropical Andes to South Africa with thousands of species of plants and animals likely to be wiped out in coming decades, a study said on Tuesday.

“Global warming ranks among the most serious threats to the planet’s biodiversity and, under some scenarios, may rival or exceed that due to deforestation,” according to the study in the journal Conservation Biology.

“This study provides even stronger scientific evidence that global warming will result in catastrophic species loss across the planet,” said Jay Malcolm, an assistant forestry professor at the University of Toronto and a lead author of the study with scientists in the United States and Australia.

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The future I have been telling friends for years is going to be a combination of the movies Soylent Green and Bladerunner. Now I can add the movie V for Vendetta to the list. Throw all 3 together and voila…the future. Or is it the present?

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