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While sitting here in Israel, watching another day of 24/7 wall-to-wall coverage of the “war,” it occurred to me that if the western media devoted 10% of this effort to coverage of Iraq, the resulting public outcry would likely bring America’s occupation to a speedy conclusion.

Additionally, this obvious effort to push Iraq off of the front page has impacted me, personally. My son’s August Bar Mitzvah plans are in shambles now that most of our anticipated visitors from America have been terrorized out of traveling to Israel. I am also forced to field seemingly endless phone calls from well-intentioned friends back home who see the media’s version of what is happening here and erroneously assume the entire country is under attack.

Forget about Hezbollah and their over-hyped “army,” what will truly help return everything here to normal (or as normal as things can be) will be sending Shepard Smith and company packing. They are all seriously misrepresenting what is happening here. Unfortunately for them, it seems as if WW lll will have to wait.


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