Mass protests in Mexico on 7/16


JOHN ROSS, THE NATION – A full week after the most viciously contested
presidential election in its modern history, a Florida-sized fraud
looms over the Mexican landscape and the nation has been divided
almost exactly in half along political, economic, geographical and
racial lines. . . The disputed election pits an indignant Indian and
mestizo underclass that believes AMLO was swindled out of the
presidency by electoral fraud against a wealthy white conservative
minority that controls the nation’s media, its banks, and apparently,
the Federal Electoral Institute, Mexico’s maximum electoral authorities. . .

At a raucous July 8th rally that put a half million supporters in
Mexico City’s vast Zocalo plaza, the political heart of the nation,
Lopez Obrador called upon his people to demand a complete vote by vote
recount of the results. . . The left leader is calling upon supporters
in all 300 electoral districts across Mexico to initiate a national
“exodus” for democracy that will converge upon the capital on Sunday,
July 16th for a mega-march that may well turn out to be the largest
political demonstration in the nation’s history. . .

Evidence of wide-spread ballot box manipulation in a third of the
130,000 polling places (including ballot-stuffing and duplicate
numbers in thousands of them), malfeasance in the reporting of
district totals to the IFE, inexplicable cybernetic confabulations in
both the preliminary count or PREP (`3,000,000 mostly AMLO votes were
removed) and the final tabulation in the districts, are being
presented to the nation’s top electoral tribunal (code-named the
TRIFE) by Lopez Obrador’s battery of attorneys in an effort to
persuade the seven justices that a hand recount is the only way to
determine who will be the next president of Mexico. Such recounts
have recently been conducted in close elections in Germany, Italy, and
Costa Rica as well as in Florida 2000 until ordered shut down by the
U.S. Suprime Court. . .

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