Kat responds

Many of us in this movement realize the fight continues to be against the use of DRE and centralized vote counting technology in our nation’s public elections. We do not need computer-generated paper trails if the machines are banned from use as they should be. The fight for paper trails only further legitimizes use of insecure technology. If this requires repeal of the Help America Vote Act (HAVA), then this must be our course of action. We must continue to demand that voters be given paper ballots on which to vote and that every ballot be counted by a team of civic-minded members of the community utilizing a voter intent standard. We must fight to protect the voting rights of all citizens locally, and hold local and state public elections officials accountable for the honest administration of elections. Those who engage in partisan activities with political party campaigns or candidates, or who solicit private vendors who contract with the state to provide election-related services ought to be fired and fined heavily. We must pursue or support legal action to force electronic voting companies to return the 3.6 billion dollar taxpayer investment in insecure voting technology to the U.S. Treasury.


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