July 19 teach-in

All over the country, in hundreds of cities and towns, there’s a national event you should take part in. Join thousands of patriots who are working to save our country —
North Jersey Paterson/
Wayne Impeach Group

117 Chestnut Drive, Wayne, NJ 07470-5639
973 694 5035

Contact Us! Join Us! Our Next Meeting:
7pm Wednesday July 19th
231 Parish Drive, Wayne NJ 07470-6010

with progressive labor lawyer

30-minute Film:

Presented with the
After Downing Street Organization
and the
Center for Constitutional Rights

And Who are We Anyway?
Like you, we’re fed up with the Bush Gang, the crimes, the lies, the wars, the corruption and the absolute contempt they have for our Bill of Rights, the United Nations, your right to control your destiny, your basic human dignity and our commonwealth.
What do we want?
3 Points.
Preserve, Protect & Defend
the Constitution of the USA:

the Bush Gang

We aim to impeach the Bush Gang.
It’s our duty to do it today. Right now!
Along with thousands of patriots, we collect petitions for impeachment. Almost one-million petitions are signed now! In 45 states more people disapprove the Bush Gang than approve. You’re in the majority – by a landslide. At this point in his presidency, Nixon was doing better than Bush, and the threat of impeachment forced Nixon out of power. Don’t believe talk radio types who say impeachment is a waste of time. YOU make it happen when patriots join to demand justice. We call for impeachment because it’s the right thing to do.
At the same time we’re
a national movement
to get state legislatures
to push impeachment.
God bless Tom Jefferson! Every state can initiate impeachment without requiring that a member of the US House of Representatives introduce the resolution. The Jefferson Manual is part of the House Rules, which govern the US House of Representatives. Section LIII, 603 states: “In the House there are various methods of setting an impeachment in motion: . . . by charges transmitted from the legislature of a State (III, 2469) . . .” Three states – Illinois, California and Vermont – have already introduced bills to vote on joint resolutions of impeachment. Oregon will likely follow suit soon, and movement is expected in many other states. We can do this in New Jersey. The fact that success is not guaranteed does not relieve a state of its obligation to do whatever it possibly can to defend the United States Constitution according to its oath of office.
Justice is impossible when
democracy’s subverted,
stolen & killed by criminals.
We work for justice because we know civilization is impossible without it. But impeaching the bad guys won’t mean a thing when they control the voting process. There’s not one electric voting machine that cannot be rigged. Computerized voting machines can give you a paper receipt which will “verify” your vote, but it can still report your vote for the other candidate. Gore was elected president by both popular vote and in the electoral college. JFK was too. But Bush was “selected then elected.”
already stolen.
Americans support the
for a national standard of paper only balloting. We support the Voters’ Bill of Rights. You should too. We must get rid of voting machines in New Jersey and in our whole country.
You’re entitled
to democracy.
Want to know more?
Saving the World
One American at a Time

HUTCH. 973.694.5035
North Jersey Paterson /
Wayne IMPEACH Group
All patriots must work together
to save our country.
Impeach Bush-Cheney,
indict, prosecute and
convict them, Rice,
Rumsfeld, Gonzales,
Ashcroft, Powell, Rove.
When we care for justice and
dignity and common decency,
for the sake of our commonwealth,
we stop the barbarians of single
selfishness and compulsive greed.
We can’t let tyranny destroy us.
For us, for our children’s sakes,
for the sake of our precious world,
we must save our country.
NOTICE: Unitary Executive Orders allow National
Security Agency & private communications companies
to read this with no warning, warrant or notice, no
judicial or legislative oversight, no recourse, no protection.
Impeach the current corrupt criminal Bush & his gang.

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