HR 3099

Hi Dr. Miller,

Was curious if you’ve mentioned anything about House Bill 3099, a clean elections bill for federal congressional office. Here’s an excerpt of an article I wrote on it:

Currently there is a bill languishing in the House Telecommunications and Internet Sub-Committee, H.R. 3099 ( that makes clean elections available for candidates running for the US House and Senate. It’s the creation of Representative John Tierney, D-Connecticut, ( and he has been introducing the Bill since 1997. Over the years, Tierney has gathered forty Democratic co-sponsors. It’s a comprehensive Bill which allows candidates from the major parties to gather five dollar donations from 1500 citizens in their districts (2250 for other party candidates). The clean candidates then qualify for federal funding which matches the funding of candidates who choose private over public financing. Generally, H.R. 3099 conforms to the clean election laws for State candidates in Arizona, Maine and most recently, Connecticut.

If this hasn’t been thoroughly discussed in News From the Underground already, I’ll post it there.


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HR 3099 is a horrible bill, designed to further entrench incumbents from the major parties, while making life far more difficult for challengers, especially from third-parties or independent candidates. See my post on this on my Stop Wasting Money campaign blog.

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