Howard Dean at Democracy Fest 2006

Dear Professor Miller,

I thought of you, and your analysis of the Democratic leadership’s avoidance/denial of the seriousness of our electoral crisis (Al Gore excepted), when I was at Democracy Fest 2006 in San Diego last weekend. Howard Dean was disseminating the DNC talking points about happy-talking our way into the hearts and minds of Republicans and Independents. Someone in the audience punctuated Dean’s remarks with shouts of “Count the vote!” several times, to cheers and applause by the crowd. Dean’s reaction was to brush that off telling us that those whose votes we are courting don’t want to hear about that kind of negative stuff this year. To which the same man replied “Count the vote!” More cheers.

Have mercy on our democracy. Americans should have taken to the streets the day after the last two presidential elections.

Thank you for keeping our electoral crisis on the national radar screen, and for your passion, which is the only sane way to feel about this situation.


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MCM — I was also at Democracyfest when Governor Dean spoke. I remember hearing the chants of “Count the Vote” coming from the audience. Instead of dismissing them as you said, I clearly remember Governor Dean incorporating the chants and leading off his remarks with,”Make sure each and every vote is counted!” to roaring cheers.

Yes, late in the speech Dean did say that one line in response to the “count the vote” refrain. It seemed insufficient to me.

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