GOP projecting voter fraud!

And I use “projecting” in the Freudian sense.
This should be rich, since it’s the GOP itself, of course, that manages those DRE machines…

More developements on Busby/Bilbray later today. But for now…
CLAIM: GOP Likely to Charge E-Vote Fraud This November; DNC Advised to Wake Up! Quickly!
BTCNews’ Weldon Berger makes a very astute observation in an article posted Monday suggesting “Republicans set to cry ‘Foul!’ in November elections.”
He contends (with a suggested measure of inside skinny) that the GOP will use the evidence and arguments of election integrity advocates, such as yours truly and others, in making their case that Electronic Voting Machine fraud may have occurred in certain close elections this November if needed…
Knowing the Republicans have never had the same fear gene that Dems have in regard to being called “sore losers,” Berger’s thesis is right on the money…

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