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From: “phil h”
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>Sent: Thursday, July 20, 2006 12:09 AM
>Subject: Election Fraud
>>I think the Democrats should use their strength in the polls to
>>begin a full-scale campaign immediately stating that when they take
>>control of the House or Senate or both they will make a top
>>priority of vigorously initiating investigations of election fraud
>>from the year 2000 elections till the 2006 elections, and that to
>>gain immunity from prosecution, anyone that has participated in
>>election fraud or is planning to participate should come forward
>>now or risk being prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law, even
>>if it the investigations leads to the highest offices of government.
>>Not only will this bring Republican election fraud to the
>>forefront, it might make some think twice before involving
>>themselves in election fraud in 2006.
>>Although, I think the Democrats could win elections easily if they
>>just campaigned with stating, “What would Republicans say if George
>>Bush was a Democrat”. “What would they say about his Iraq war with
>>no exit strategy”? What would they say about his running up the
>>national debt”. “Losing New Orleans”. “911”. and so on and so on…
>>Best regards, Phil H.

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There’s actually nothing stoping them from doing that now. They could, for example, fully fund the Robert Kennedy lawsuits, but they haven’t. They could bankroll recounts in the Busby/Billbray race but they haven’t. They act like the Washington Generals party. I mean, I knew they were corrupt enough to buy into certain Republican agendas. I now think that they are being paid to lose. To make it look like a real competition.

Philip Shropshire

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