Another Salon reader calls it quits

Dear Editor,

I have regretfully decided not to renew my subscription to Salon,
which is to expire in less than 24 hours.

Cancelling a subscription in protest of an individual article is, I
think, rather juvenile, and contrary to a proper liberal endorsement
of free and open debate of public issues. I regard Manjoo’s article
on RFK Jr. as an abomination, as was his review of Mark Crispin
Miller’s book, and I am on record saying so. (–also posted on Democratic
Underground, Smirking Chimp and numerous other sites). On balance,
Salon’s output is a net plus (Scherer and Blumenthal come to mind)
and the site should not be punished primarily because of one author.

What pushed me over the line was Editor Joan Walsh’s defense of
Manjoo. OK that she agrees with him and not with me — again,
because of the value of open debate. But she also said that Salon
has closed its editorial mind on the election fraud issue, and will
not publish articles contrary to its position — notably, Miller’s
response to Manjoo.

And that is unacceptable.

The same approval of free, open and diverse debate that allows me to
tolerate Manjoo, motivates me to end my support of Salon, which has
now stated a policy of shutting out such debate.

If and when Salon reverses this policy and opens its editorial mind
to this crucial public issue, I will be pleased to resume my


Ernest Partridge, Co-Editor
The Crisis Papers

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Horray for Partridge! I’d expect nothing less. There are consequences for supporting this regime and one of them is having subscriptions cancelled. It’s exquisitely free market;)

Michael Collins

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