ANAD statement on the Mexican election

Statement on the Mexican National Elections
From the National Association of Democratic Lawyers (ANAD)

To Public Opinion in Mexico and in all of the countries of the world:

The presidential election in Mexico is not yet over, nor is the IFE the authority which determines the final results, and least of all is the president elect Calderon.

On the 6th of July, the Federal Electoral Institute (IFE) announced that Felipe Calderon won the vote count performed by the IFE by 0.58%. However, it failed to clarify that such a result is provisional, not definitive. This is because the right to give the definitive result in the presidential election belongs exclusively, and in a manner that excludes all others, to the Superior Court of the Federal Electoral Tribunal.

Article 99 of the Constitution provides that: “The challenges which are presented regarding the election of the President of the Republic shall be finally resolved by the Superior Court… And only this [entity] … [w]ill make the final count in the election of the President of the Republic, once the challenges which may have been filed are resolved, and will proceed to formulate the declaration of validity of the election and the declaration of validity of the President elect, with respect to the candidate who shall have obtained the greater number of votes.”

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