All doped up and re-deployed

Here is a harrowing item, and a confirmation from someone who knows.

June 30, 2006 — A spokesman for the Vietnam Veterans
Against the War (VVAW) confirmed our report yesterday
about U.S. troops in Iraq being forced to take Prozac
and Seroquel in dealing with anxiety and depression.
The VVAW spokesman also stated that as many as 40,000
veterans who have returned from Iraq are suffering
from Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) and that
the Veterans Affairs Department and Pentagon are
engaged in an intentional cover-up of PTSD problems
among Iraq war vets.
June 29, 2006 — The anti-Iraq war group, Military
Families Speak Out (, is conducting a
vigil outside the Cannon House Office Building. Anne
Roesler of California, whose son will be soon serving
his third Iraq tour with the 82nd Airborne Division,
and Elizabeth Frederick of New York, whose boyfriend
is serving in Iraq with the New York National Guard,
are receiving some surprising comments and rather
lukewarm support from Senate and House members,
Republican and Democratic. Although the group, which
has placed boots and shoes representing dead U.S.
military members and Iraqi civilians near the House
office buildings, has received support from a few
Democrats, the reaction to their vigil by some,
including California Democratic Senator Dianne
Feinstein, has been hostile. One House member passed
their display of boots and shoes and turned around and
shouted, “Just get over it!” Another staffer said,
“don’t you people remember what happened on 911?”
There were no connections between 911 and Iraq.

U.S. military personnel in Iraq are caught in a
dangerous and nightmarish vise created by neo-con
politicians in Washington. U.S. troops are being
forced to take drugs like Prozac and Seroquel for
anxiety and depression. Troops cannot refuse to take
the drugs without consequences from their superiors.
Resistance by U.S. troops to their orders is also
running high. Some U.S. military patrols decline to
carry out their “search and kill” missions and,
instead, return to their bases claiming they carried
out their orders.

Another neo-con outrage: Pentagon forcing U.S.
soldiers and Marines in Iraq to take Prozac and other
drugs for anxiety and depression.

Incidents of suicide among U.S. troops in Iraq is also
reaching troubling levels. There are also reports of
defections by U.S. troops to neighboring Turkey, Iran,
and Syria, where they can get passage to Europe and

Incidents of fighting between regular U.S. military
personnel and private military contractors, who wear
uniforms similar to those worn by regular U.S.
soldiers and Marines, is also increasing. U.S. troops
are frustrated that they come under attack for
atrocities carried out by private contractors who
receive triple and quadruple the salaries U.S.
military personnel receive. This situation has created
a tinderbox between U.S. troops and private

Visit for more
information on the plight of our troops in Iraq and
veterans of the quagmire into which the neo-cons have

plunged our military.
YES, this is for real — The Department of Defense is “recycling” unfit Iraq War veterans back to the front line of combat even though they are diagnosed and undergoing treatment for very serious mental health problems.
Here’s what is happening. First, a soldier deploys into combat in Iraq and witnesses and/or participates in heavy combat 24/7 for one year. Second, the soldier returns to the states where he is diagnosed with a serious mental health condition, such as post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), sometimes with suicidal thoughts documented in his medical records. Third, the veteran is placed on both uppers and downers. Fourth, the soldier is re-deployed back to the war due a terrible shortage in manpower due to declining enlistments and high casualties (VA has diagnosed 168,000 Iraq and Afghanistan war veterans — one-third of those eligible for VA care).
Sadly, what has happened is that some of these “recycled” multiple-tour combat veterans do kill themselves once they are back in Iraq and are given a rifle and ammo by commanders who are fully aware of their mental health status.
The Hartford Courant, working with Gulf War veteran Steve Robinson (who works with me), published a very detailed and very accurate series of NINE article on this — Be sure to read this. The military calls their new policy “watchful waiting.”,0,275720.story
VFA works with Senators and Representatives to stop this horrible practice that jeopardizes the soldier who should be treated, jeopardizes fellow soldiers by placing an unqualified soldier on the front lines with them, and jeopardizes our National Security by breaking our military and having less than 100% combat-effective troops protecting us.
Yes, this is real. Blame Bush, Cheney, Rumsfeld, and William Winkenwerder — all top DoD politicals — none with combat or mental health experience.
We have horror stories that would make you so upset — but the Hartford Courant is the tip of the iceberg. Just wait until the combat veterans return home to long lines, long waits, and denials for care at VA…

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Well you can’t just quit Bush’s crusade simply because you are mentally unfit to continue fighting.

That simply will not do.

“Crusade” being the operative word there ..although it’s certainly not Bush’s, nor did it begin with him personally. To suggest that would be as laughable as claiming the U.S. invaded Iraq in order to “liberate” Iraqis.

Do you suppose that severely unstable people – let’s say, the kind who routinely make decisions that result in the mass murder of hundreds of thousands of people – project their own erroneous sense of ‘well-being’ onto others ..or do these evil pricks just figure, “too bad,” and hope that when these poor guys finally snap that they’ll take out more helpless Iraqi citizens with them?

I sympathize with the troops, however, it’s up to each of them to take a stand and say “NO, fuck you, I won’t do it.”

Unfortunately, most men can’t look within and find and act upon that type of strength, as from kindergarden on they’ve been indoctrinated into irrational attitudes of submission to authority.

The war is heartbreaking… Sgt Justin D Norton (21 years old) after growing up dreaming of being a soldier for freedom died in Iraq on June 24th. From a small town with a family with a enourmous heart and a tridition of giving through generations…both in military service and in socal services.

Plase consider a small donation to a scholarship dreamed up by enourmous heart. It was his last wish.. please

Peace, Marie

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