A statement from VoteTrustUSA

*In response to concerns that have been raised recently about
VoteTrustUSA, we would like to issue the following statement:*

Donna Curling has never attempted to influence the policy,
statements, or actions of VoteTrustUSA, nor do any donor’s
contributions, including Mrs. Curling’s have any such influence.
ChoicePoint Services has never provided financial assistance to
VoteTrustUSA nor have they attempted to have any dialogue or in any
way influence VoteTrustUSA policy, statements, or actions.
VoteTrustUSA does not defend, endorse, or support ChoicePoint
Services. VoteTrustUSA is highly concerned about the invasion of
individual privacy that the data aggregation and datamining industry
enables, and believe that fair, accurate, and transparent elections
will result in legislation, regulation, and oversight to curb the
type of abusive practices that have been revealed by Greg Palast and
others in the media.

VoteTrustUSA has never questioned Greg Palast’s veracity.

John Gideon was not acting as a spokesperson for VoteTrustUSA when he
posted remarks critical of Greg Palast on the Black Box Voting Forum
message board. Mr. Gideon has apologized to Mr. Palast and publicly
retracted his post.

The mission of VoteTrustUSA is to ensure that future elections are
open, fair, accessible, publicly transparent, and accurately reflect
the intentions of the voters. VoteTrustUSA condemns in the strongest
possible terms any practices that seek to deny any eligible voter
their right to vote.

Joan Krawitz
Executive Director

Warren Stewart
Director of Legislative Issues and Policy

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Please give it a break. You were caught pushing a coordinated message on Choicepoint. The message for those who don’t know is: Choicepoint bought DBT after they completed the Jeb Bush-Katherine Harris Florida felon purge software. Choicepoint had nothing to do with it.

How strange can election integrity activism get?

That’s why people in your organizaiton had to apologize.

So was Choicepoint responsible even a tiny little bit for the felon purge? How about a statement on that?

Anonymous only puts part of the picture out, though accurate as far as it goes in describing the coordinated defenses of choicepoint that came out after choicepoint’s president’s wife became an involved funder of many VTUSA projects (as she said in writing) and even claimed to be on the board of VTUSA (in writing), though VTUSA later said there is no board in VTUSA at all. How Mrs. Choicepoint came to be think she was in a top leadership post at VTUSA but that it was not “the Board” is not known and has not been explained, though Mrs. Curling did state under her name dmac on that her confusion, in this regard, was “legitimate.”

Beyond the failure of Choicepoint to consider the disfranchisement of the vast majority of 97,000 people to be important enough to issue a recall (like we would for a manufacturing defect in a cheap plastic toy) give that Choicepoint had from May 2000 to November 2000 to issue the equivalent of a recall to correct the situation, there is an ever more important issue:

How can an activist organization credibly push for transparency, when the organization itself does not publicly disclose the funding and control that it receives from shareholders of Choicepoint, who happen also to be a spouse of the President of Choicepoint? How can it maintain that lack of transparency, and at the very same time have its members take positions and actions to defend choicepoint using false or misleading facts? Even after apologizing for falsely stating that Greg Palast was lying in asserting Choicepoint’s culpability for Florida 2000, Is this an organization that can be trusted to lead the fight for transparency in elections? VTUSA is STILL NOT disclosing the full nature of its ties and funding with Donna Curling, the spouse of Choicepoint’s president Doug Curling and a shareholder in Choicepoint.

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