Vermonters call for a recount in San Diego

Vermonters for Democracy,

Our focus is always on elections in Vermont, but I want to let you
know about something going on in California that could affect
elections nationwide.

Yesterday primary elections were held in California, which included a
special election to replace Duke Cunningham, a Republican
Congressaman who you may be aware had to resign due to a bribery
scandal. This election is being closely watched because if the
Democrat wins, it would mean they are one seat closer to taking back
the majority in the House of Representatives.

The special election to replace him was conducted on a variety of
election machines, but the majority of them were on optical scanner
machines, similar to the ones we use in Vermont.

There are some eyebrow-raising and suspicious facts about the way the
election was conducted and the results that have been reported. As
it stands, the Republican has been declared the winner, and
Cunningham’s seat in Congress will remain in Republican control.

However, due to the suspicious nature of the election and results,
there is a concerted effort underway to call for a recount. If the
recount reveals problems, the ripple affects would be tremendous and
reach all the way to Vermont. Please join the nationwide effort to
call for a recount!

A letter has been written by Jonathan Simon, describing the
situation, and how to contact the right people and voice your
concern. Please read the letter and take the actions listed:

A link to this letter can also be found on the Vermonters for Voting
Integrity home page) in the “Action Items” box in the top right

Please spread the word!

Gary Beckwith
Vermonters for Voting Integrity

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