Thom Hartmann puts it to Salon

“Some readers take issue with his tone, but none have identified an error in his reporting.”


I’m amazed you’d even put such a breathtakingly inaccurate statement into an on-the-record email. I’m assuming you’re a sales flack who hasn’t been reading the discussions, and am now even more certain that Salon is so lacking in credibility that it’s a waste of my time to read it. Please process my cancellation.

Thom Hartmann

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Hi Thomas,

Thanks for writing in about our recent coverage of Ohio’s voting irregularities in 2004. If you’ll reply to this message with a confirmation, we’ll process your cancellation request promptly. Before we close out your Salon membership, I’d like to point you towards RFK’s rebuttal, if you haven’t already seen it, Farhad Manjoo’s response, and an editor’s letter from Joan Walsh about this debate. You can find them here:

As our editor notes, Farhad Manjoo has covered the controversies surrounding electronic voting since November 2002, making him one of the first reporters to sound the alarm. His Salon directory page ( lists the many stories he’s
written documenting potential problems with electronic voting, as well as
the other pedestrian ways Americans are routinely disenfranchised. He’s
interviewed a whistleblower who documented security flaws in Diebold systems, studied independent and partisan election analyses and investigated claims that the GOP stole the 2002 Georgia governor’s race and a Senate seat. He found plenty to worry about in that state’s, and others’, embrace of electronic voting systems, but he did not find evidence that Republicans have illegally manipulated elections.

Some readers take issue with his tone, but none have identified an error in his reporting. I know Farhad approached Bobby Kennedy’s article with respect and an open mind — and so did I. It was disappointing to find such a disturbing claim made with insufficient evidence. If you’ve found any factual errors in Farhad’s piece, please let us know. Ultimately, I hope that the great reporting we do every day would overcome your irritation with a piece like this on which we apparently disagree. Thanks for taking the time to let us know how you feel.


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> Given your recent attack on RFJ, Jr., please cancel my Salon account. Your
> standards have fallen so low, I no longer have any interest in
> Thomas Hartmann
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Hartmann nails and nails it hard. Cancellation is the best policy for Salon. I did it myself some time ago when Manjoo started his meaningless questioning of exit polls, a hot button for Hartmann to be sure.

The issue of facts in the Manjoo response is a minor one since he conveyed very little evidence, just hear say opinion. The issue was the total lack of logic in his analysis, or more precisely, the illogic of it as becomes apparent here:

Let’s not for get that other stalwart of the left, Mark Hertsgaard and his Mother Jones hit piece from late last year. Same lack of logic, same cheap shots.

Even by the standards of an internet political forum, Manjoo comes up lacking.

Simply amazing, Salon is.

Congratulations Hartmann!!!

Michael Collins

No mistakes in Manjoo’s reporting?

That’s laying it on with a trowel.

I don’t know how any publication can get hundreds of angry letters running 10:1 and 20:1 against, as well as many cancellations and not think, “Hm. Wonder if there’s anything to it.”

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