The persecution of Charles Grapski

From Alan Kobrin, spokesman for the Green Party in Florida:

Hi. We met when you were in Ft. Lauderdale.

The story of Charles Grapski and Michael Canney (our recently-elected state Green Party co-chair) arrests has hit the news on Truthout.

This is a campaign highlights all that is wrong and corrupt in our system and how our tax dollars when in the wrong hands, actually pay for punishing the courageous and the victims while leaving the guilty run scott-free. Details of their story nac be found at

It may be of interest, as well as the story on the restricting of voter registration by the League of Women Voters and other organizations going on in Florida. They are suing the state. It is covered in the Sun-Sentinel and in Time

These are the latest aggressive tactics against our voting systems,. They’re gearing up for Nov. 2006 I guess, something you warn about not only in your book, but in your title as well.

Best wishes,

Alan Kobrin

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