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Dear Internet freedom fighter,

Tell Congress to Support Net Neutrality


The full House of Representatives is about to cast a crucial vote on Internet freedom.

Here are two things you can do in the next five minutes to help stop Congress from handing control of the Internet over to the nation’s largest telephone and cable companies:

1. Call your representative:

Ask your House representative to support legislation that would protect Net Neutrality — the principle that keeps the Internet free and open.

Go to the this Web site to find your representative’s phone number and ask your representative to support Internet freedom by voting for a Net Neutrality amendment to the larger communications bill called the COPE Act.

The COPE Act is riddled with problems, the biggest of which is the lack of genuine Net Neutrality protections. Tell your representative to oppose any telecommunications law that doesn’t contain meaningful and enforceable Net Neutrality.

2. Help fight telco misinformation:

More than a million Americans have already voiced their support for Internet freedom. But companies like AT&T, Verizon and Comcast are spending tens of millions of dollars to drown out the public outcry. Their propaganda blitz includes local TV and print ads and canned telephone appeals designed to paint Net Neutrality as an anti-consumer regulation — even though every major consumer group says it is the best way to protect consumer choice.

Please help set the record straight by supporting

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Thanks for your support.

Timothy Karr
Campaign Director
Free Press

Some tips when calling:

1. Make sure the staffer understands that you’re urging your representative to “vote in favor of an enforceable network neutrality amendment to the COPE Act.”

2. If they ask for more details, you can urge your representative to support either the bipartisan Sensenbrenner-Conyers Net Neutrality legislation (H.R. 5417), which passed the House Judiciary Committee two weeks ago or the Markey Net Neutrality Bill (H.R. 5273). We expect one of these to be offered as an amendment to COPE.

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