Rove ducks question on NH phone-jamming scandal

And it’s worth noting that the Union Leader is a right-wing paper


In Manchester, Rove mum on phone-jamming scandal
Senior Political Reporter

Deputy White House Chief of Staff Karl Rove refused last night to talk about the 2002 Republican phone-jamming scandal that has led to the convictions of three GOP operatives.

Before speaking to about 500 activists at the New Hampshire Republican State Committee’s annual dinner, Rove was asked by the New Hampshire Union Leader to comment on the operation, in which Democrats allege he may have had a role.

“Listen to my speech,” Rove said. “It will be a good one for you.” The speech was a defense of Bush administration economic and foreign policy and did not mention phone jamming.

“I’m here to tell you this is a red (Republican) state,” Rove told the party faithful. He thanked New Hampshire for teaching President George W. Bush a lesson in 2000 by favoring John McCain in the GOP Presidential primary and for then giving him its four key electoral votes in November of that year.

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