Ron Baiman stomps Manjoo

Analysis of Connally spreadsheet and other documents
by Ron Baiman
June 5, 2006
Editor’s note: The Free Press is releasing these articles by Ron Baiman that generally support the analysis by Robert F. Kennedy Jr. in the current issue of Rolling Stone. Also see Richard Hayes Phillips’ Through a Glass Darkely.
Connally Spreadsheet (Excel Spreadsheet)
Was the 2004 Presidential Election Stolen?: The History, The Crime, The Cover-Up, and Conclusions (Adobe PDF)
Analysis of Connally Spreadsheet
1) Of only 14 out of 88 counties where Bush did abnormally well relative to Moyer (better than a 1.43 Bush/Moyer ratio – Column E) 9 of them (M) just happen to be the same counties where Kerry did implausibly poorly relative to Connally (R).
In the other 3 C/K>1 counties (Highland, Miami, Van Wert) Bush didn’t do too shabily either, his lowest ratio is in Highland which at 1.36 is still well above his overall state average (relative to Moyer) of 1.21 (Cell D92). I set the cutoff at 1.43 to select out most of the counties where Bush did well relative to Moyer but that were not K
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Here is a sentence from RFK Jr.’s article:
“The exit polls even showed Kerry breathing down Bush’s neck in supposed GOP strongholds Virginia and North Carolina.”

Excuse me, but that means the exit polls were wrong. Pre-election surveys indicated that Kerry was not competitive in either state, and he wound up losing Virginia by eight points, North Carolina by twelve. The infallible exit polls were indisputably WRONG.

The elephant in the parlor, the one that stomps all of the left’s disingenuous nonsense, is the early exits, the ones leaked by Democratic operatives to create the impression of an impending Kerry sweep. Kerry led in close battleground states by impossibly huge margins: twenty points in Pennsylvania; eighteen in New Hampshire and Minnesota. He won those states by two or three points. The exits were ABSURDLY, SPECTACULARLY WRONG.

Uncontested Bush blow-out states were “too close to call” (just as in 2000). The exits were INSANELY WRONG.

Michael Barone and Dick Morris both observed that the exit polls were obviously “slammed” by the Democrats. If you reject that notion, please account for statistical anomalies that are far greater the disingenuous fabrications concocted by the conspiracy theorists.

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