RFK Jr. calls for whistle-blowers!

Robert F. Kennedy: Confidential calls for whistleblowers

Robert F. Kennedy Jr. and Mike Papantonio, two of the nation’s most dynamic legal warriors, bring their battle for justice to the airwaves each weekend on Air America Radio. Ring of Fire, June 10, 2006 (17m30s) .

PAP: “Bobby, what’s happened since your Rolling Stone Article is you now have people that have been working with these companies they, I mean way way up in the management structure of the companies, that are coming forth, they’re calling us, they’re saying, I was afraid to say anything. I was afraid to do anything. Now they feel they can come forward. And I gotta promise you, if you do come forward..”

RFK: “You call Mike or me, and we’re gonna sue these companies, and we are gonna stop them from stealing our elections…”

PAP: “I, I can Prom..”

RFK: “If you work for either one of these companies, you give us a call and we’ll protect your confidentiality. And we are gonna sue these companies. And we’re gonna put them out of business. And we’re gonna stop them from stealing our democracy.”

PAP: “It’s the only way that we’re gonna accomplish anything. So, Look. This thing has just started. For all those Talking Heads who say why did we wait so long, they-ain’t seen nothing, yet.”

That’s 866-389-FIRE

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I’d have more confidence in Bobby and Pap’s trial lawyer skills if they hadn’t framed the pitch as

Help us put the company that pays you out of business

Something about civic duty might have worked a little better.

BTW, Mark, I apologize for not joining your mailing list, but I am just swamped.

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