Put election reform on the agenda!

Take action today and make your voice heard. For those of you within range of Air America, you’ve probably heard the advertisements promoting the “Take Back America Conference,” taking place this Monday through Wednesday in Wash. D.C.

The Agenda includes a (seemingly) comprehensive list of luminary speakers and relevant work sessions on subjects ranging from health care to energy to media problems.

Yet there is a significant topic not addressed once in the 3-day agenda: the crisis in the American electoral process. Not one Plenary speech, not one work session, not even one of the book signing intermissions addresses this crisis.

The Conference is sponsored by the Campaign for America’s Future; Air America is listed “in partnership” as a Conference cosponsor. You can view the Agenda at:


We encourage election reform activists to check out the Agenda, and use their “contact us” link to raise your concern about the absence of Election Reform in TBA Conference program.

Tell them that without taking back our elections, there will be no “Taking Back America”.


Call in to Air America shows and local progressive programs, and voice your concerns about a conference that ignores the elephant in the room.

Air America’s # is 866-303-2270

Hints for radio call ins:

-Figure you’ll get no more than 30 seconds
-Write your points down and have NO MORE than 3

-BE READY…. to be on hold for quite a while, and then get immediately thrust on air
-Get right to the point w/o asking “How are you?” to the host. (This is tougher than you think – I’ve fallen into violating my own rule a few times!)


-Over 3. 5 million ballots were not counted in Nov. 2004

– in 2004, 30% of the nation voted on paperless touchscreen voting machines; the estimate is up to 40% for 2006. No paper record provides no ability to check the accuracy of the tallies, nor does it allow for a legitimate recount.

– Throughout the country, there were 1000s of reports of voter disenfranchisement, from the lack of adequate voting facilities to the purging of voters from registration lists.

Thank You for Your Help and Activism!

“KC” Hanson
Executive Director
Oregon Voter Rights Coalition

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