Palast lands on Coulter, and lands HARD!

“Godless” is Gutless

Greg Palast
June 7th, 2006

Anne Coulter says we’re “Godless” – we “liberals.” And by “liberals,” she means anyone who wants to keep the government out of our underpants, out of Iraq, and out of the business of helping Big Business shoplift America.

It’s time someone took on the blonde bully.

Anne, I realize yesterday was special day for you, releasing your book on June 6 – 06-06-06.

Going through it, I must, admit, is heavy going: ‘Godless’ is a 300-page brick of solid meanness and pin-head hatreds packaged like a fashion magazine: Big Brother wears Prada.

You accuse those who don’t sign on to your list of prejudices as the Lord’s enemies. That’s not original, Anne: the Taliban thought of it before you and they too were partial to dressing in black.

You want to talk about Godless? OK, let’s go:

Would the Lord lie us into a war?

Would the Lord let thousands drown in New Orleans while chilling at a golf resort?

Would the Lord have removed tens of thousands of Black soldiers from the voter rolls as the Republican Party did in 2004?

You talk about being “Christian” – but with all your zeal to fire up electric chairs and Abrams tanks, you sound more like a Roman.

I suggest this, Anne: let’s debate. Set the time, set the place, and I’ll be there. Nose to nose, my facts versus your fanaticism.

But I know you don’t have the guts to do anything but lob idiocies from your electronic Fox-hole.

Your new book is called, “Godless.” Your autobiography should be called, “Gutless.”

Greg Palast, winner of the George Orwell Courage-In-Journalism Prize, is the author of the New York Times bestseller, The Best Democracy Money Can Buy. Yesterday, he released his book, Armed Madhouse: Who’s Afraid of Osama Wolf?, China Floats Bush Sinks, the Scheme to Steal ’08, No Child’s Behind Left and other Dispatches from the Front Lines of the Class War.” Order it now from or your local book shop.

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Palast was one of those people who cheered and partied and urinated on a dead man’s grave when Ronald Reagan passed away. He doesn’t have a leg to stand on as far as calling anyone a bully. Look in the mirror, pal.

I suspect that despite his spot on take of The Gipper’s mass murdering admin – likewise fully supported by the media apparatus – Palast likely didn’t “cheer” or party and/or urinate on any graves; he simply stated facts which seem outrageous to people who are fed “newspeak” propaganda 24/7.

Chomsky also came to his defense as Palast was naturally attacked, quite vehemently, by all walks of know-nothings and apologists whose, shall we say, conditioned sensibilities, cannot fathom the ugly truth. Many of them being in positions of affluence and esteem, hence Chomsky’s remark:
“Never underestimate the servility and cowardice of intellectuals.”

If we had more bright people of conscience like Greg working in journalism …er, well, nevermind, guess that’ll never fly as the whole point of our press is to convince the citizenry that despite the mile long list of foreign and domestic atrocities, despite the Orwellian infrastructure now in place, it’s not really fascism so long as extremely wealthy people, and their media pundits and lapdogs, assure us it’s not.

“Trust us,” they say, and people like Anonymous immediately prostrate themselves, drop to their knees, panting and moaning over the fresh load of lies that tyranny shoves down their throats …while exclaiming that doing so ensures “freedom.”

They prefer what is easy to what is right. In their eyes, the ones who do not submit to this sickness are in the wrong, are “unpatriotic,” “cowardly,” “depraved,” et al, when in reality, those tables are turned, which is precisely why the brainwashed project as they do upon those they instinctively sense are moral and just. It’s a well worn pathology in this country: blithely supporting the maxim that the strong do as they can and the weak do as they must.

“The soul should never die ungodly in an armed madhouse” ~ Ginsberg

Yes, Palast did urinate on President Reagan’s grave. Ronald Reagan was one of the greatest presidents we have had. No amount of libel will change this fact.

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