NBC, have you no decency?

This is intolerable. We should be flooding NBC with fierce complaints, and planning a gigantic demonstration on their very doorstep here in NYC, and at their studios nationwide.


NBC Airs Coulter’s Claims That 9/11 Widows are ‘Enjoying Husband’s Death’ Can’t Find 30 Seconds to Discuss an American Presidential Election Which May Have Been Stolen

Note to Matt Lauer and NBC: The shame is not Ann Coulter. The shame is you.


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Yes, attack the Jersey Girls, while the 9/11 Commission recommendations go unimplemented, and Bin Laden, Zawahiri and Mulla Omar still roam the desert, organizing guerrila war and waging influence war in the mass media; I am happy that you are drawing attention to this, and that you feel the shame is on Lauer and NBC. I read through the transcript once, and then I realized, “Look, this guy Matt Lauer has met the Jersey Girls, he’s looked them in the eye.” He didn’t rebuke Coulter, he didn’t even dare to share a different view of them. And what is her indictment of them? That they worked for Kerry, who although he showed no courage in Ohio 2004, showed great courage in Vietnam. I do note however that she also invoked Joe Wilson, and Cindy Sheehan. I have no doubt that Generals Newbold, Baptiste, Zinni, etc. were on the tip of her tongue too. They (the “vast right-wing conspiracy,” yes, its real) are scared, and desperate, and looking over their shoulders now, and their most craven operatives are havng meltdowns (witness Limbaugh’s “gang banging” remarks on Haditha today). Thank you, Mark, for standing up.
Richard Power

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