More on Busby/Bilbray–Lou Dobbs tonight!

BradBlogAlert Readers:
NOTE: Lou Dobbs will be covering the voting machine “sleepover” issue tonight at 6pm ET (3pm PT) and interviewing several of the poll worker sources we gave them as originally reported at BRAD BLOG.

Please take note of all of the headlines below to get an idea just how insane things now are and how important it is that each of you pay very close attention. Now. Not in November.

I continue to make myself available to any media with any questions on any of this. 213-880-3446.
I hope you will turnout or otherwise let folks know about the “Emergency Townhalls” in LA on Tuesday and San Diego on Wednesday. Wear orange. — Brad

A Line in the Sand
Why the Busby/Bilbray Election Matters (or Should) to the Entire NationÅ 
(HINT: It’s not about Busby or Bilbray or San Diego or even California!)
My reporting here and the concerns expressed about the Busby/Bilbray election results as announced, have little or nothing to do with Francine Busby or Brian Bilbray or even, in particular, the June 6th U.S. House special run-off election in California’s 50th congressional district.
It has only a tiny bit more to do with San Diego. And only slightly more than that to do with California.
It has everything, however, to do with democracy. Across the entire country. As opposed to any one race in any one area.
If I’ve not been clear on that until now, please allow me to set the record crystal clear…

Riverside County CA Deceived Paper Ballot Voters During June 6th Primary
Those Requesting Paper Ballots Had Privacy Violated and Votes Entered Into E-Voting Machines by Pollworkers After the Voters Left Anyway!

More Iowa Questions About Ballot Programming Errors
Losers are being found to have won, Winners are being found to have lost after manual hand countsÅ 
All Primary Ballots in Iowa Need to be Hand Counted at This Point – No Exceptions!

Voting System Recommended For Federal Certification By Unqualified Person
LA County’s System, for example, Was Apparently Approved for Use at the Fed Level by a Former Waitress/Bartender!

CLOSE ENOUGH FOR GOVERNMENT WORK: CA SoS Recieves $23,625 Pay Raise for Running an Illegal Election!
Waytago Bruce!
Congratulations to California Sec. of State Bruce McPherson!

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