MCM interview with Dr. Bruce Prescott, "Mainstream Baptist"


Suddenly the theft of the 2004 election is making the news.Below are a couple links promoting a podcast of your radio interview inMarch.Thanks for the good work you are doing.

Bruce Prescott

Mainstream Baptist

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I concur! You’ve done a great thing with your article, “None Dare Call It Stolen.” And now the RFK, Jr. article has the rightwingers going nutty.

I myself am doing my best to disseminate information on ACVR, the faux “non-partisan” voter’s rights group, comprised in reality of GOP members. I’m sure you are aware of them. BradBlog has all the goods, they’ve been tracking their doings for over a year.

Yea, Bradblog is outstanding …the usuals there can and do pull the rug from under GOP trolls and “moderate” apologists with apt diligence. Not that countering that sort of typical denial and conjecture is difficult, but as we know, there are those who routinely attempt to direct the debate away from ugly facts, and confronting such trolls can get tiresome, if not repetitive.

And again, thank you Mark, for the relentless research and relays!

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